Pork Chews

Pig Ears  (PE0101R)

Healthy Dog Chew’s pig ears are 100% natural full size pig ear. There are no added chemicals or preservatives with our pig ears. These treats will help remove plaque and tarter and keep dogs teeth clean and healthy.

Pig Ears Slices  (PE0101SL)

Pig Ear Strips are 100% all Natural. These are a rich source of omega 3 & 6 to help your dog maintain a healthy coat.

Pork Skin Roll  (PSR0101)

Pork skin rolls are all natural and provide an excellent treat for dogs. These are made from natural parts that go through a cooking process that locks in flavor and nutrients. Pork Skin Rolls are extremely palatable and 100-percent digestible with no additional preservatives or flavors.

Wild Hog Hide Chips  (FH0101TX)

These rawhide chips are from wild boar in Texas. Sure, your pooch thinks he can take on a wild boar and win. Better to let him live out his fantasies by sinking his teeth into a big hunk of American wild boar hide that won’t bite back. These chips are all natural – no chemicals, hormones or antibiotics. Provides the most gnaw-crazy hounds with hours of entertainment.