Where do your products ship from?

We ship from our location in Michigan.

Are your products treated in any way?

No, all our products are of the highest quality and not treated with any chemicals to reduce odor or kill bugs.

How can you offer an odor-free bully stick if you don’t chemically treat the product?

The bully sticks are drained vertically and not baked horizontally. They are then spun dried to remove as much of the moisture as possible.

Any of the bully products that are braided, twisted or knotted will have at least a slight odor because they are wet when shaped and can’t drain like as well as the straight product.

How are your antlers sourced?

Deer, Elk and Moose shed their antlers once a year as part of a natural process. We collect those sheds for freshness. Our sheds are A A/B Grade.

Where do your products come from?

Our bully products are sourced from free range, grass fed cattle in mainly South America. We also try as often as possible to source USA free range cattle when available. Our Chicken, Duck, Lamb, Deer, Elk, Moose and Pork products are sourced from the USA.

Do you get any products from China?


Are your products from a human-grade facility?

Yes, they are produced in a facility that is also a human grade meat facility.

How can I place an order / set up an account?

Complete the account setup page, email us at Krijon@krijon.com, or call toll free 866-585-9197.

Can I return an order?

Yes, we have 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Simply call 734-437-6359 or refer to the policy page.